Pokemon Go and McDonald’s: A Sweet Bond Indeed

Pokémon Go is finally in Japan, the country where Pokémania started. McDVOICE is the game’s first sponsor as part of a deal that, as we reported earlier this week, turns 3,000 fast-food stores across the country into Pokémon Go gyms. The start was long for Japanese fans, to say the least. The highly successful title … Read more

Denny’s burger at McDonald’s

Denny’s has signed an agreement with the vegetable manufacturer Beyond Meat to use the meat substitute Beyond in a new menu item: Denny’s Beyond Burger. In addition to meat and its biggest rival, Impossible Foods, they face stiff competition for meat substitution for some of the country’s largest food companies, but increasingly beyond meat. In … Read more

McDonald’s in Sweden

Thirty or forty years ago, when the womb was not fun, the ads were five minutes long and very detailed. They explained the joys of cigarettes, red meat, and alcohol (or at least, they tell me). Without a remote control, I think most people would sit and watch, but for today’s Millennials and Generation Z … Read more

Corona impact on the McDonald’s

McDonald’s removes menu items to make life easier for employees working during the coronavirus epidemic. On Wednesday, the fast-food giant internally announced its intention to launch a limited menu in the United States during the coronavirus epidemic. Customers can no longer order breakfast or items like salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, and soft chicken all day. … Read more

The worries of the McDonald’s

The network received more responses in response to Business Insider reports on the company’s resistance to certain aspects of the Family Coronavirus Response Act. Although the article reports that a McDonald’s representative said the chain supported the law but rejected the funding mechanism, critics said the chain’s sick leave measures were inadequate. In another question … Read more

What was the sick-leave case in McDonald’s?

McDonald’s was recently greeted by critics who expressed concern about negative publicity and a “black eye in the media” with some experts. The fast-food giant has updated an internal FAQ document for COVID-19. The document was developed to keep franchisees and employees informed and to cover everything from sick workers to corporate media costs. Business … Read more

The strange items on the McDonald’s menu

McDonald’s Pizza, which was on the national menu in the 1980s and 1990s, can be found in most places today. In 2017, there were only three McDonald’s stores in the U.S. USA Who were still selling it: Pomeroy, Ohio; Spenser, West Virginia; and Orlando, Florida. Now there are rumors that the Orlando location is still … Read more

An insight on the McDonald’s menu

Riker gave the statement at the time that the decision had absolutely nothing to do with it (film). The menu featured low-fat, low-calorie, and low-carb items, including grilled chicken sandwich and fruit yogurt. “McDonald’s is always looking for ways to bring convenience, variety, and value to its customers,” said Ed Acre, owner of a McDonald’s … Read more

McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder

Although two-quarters of a pound is a staple on most of McDonald’s menus in the US. IN the USA, you won’t always find them all over the world. In August 2019, McDonald’s made an announcement that it would bring the popular burger back to the UK and Ireland after an eight-year hiatus. However, the burger … Read more

What’s so special about the McDonald’s menu?

The new coffee chain would act as a small cult of McDonald’s largest franchise. The first United States office opened in Chicago, Illinois, in 2001. McDonald’s relaunched McCafé products in 2017 after attention shifted from the coffee brand. Today you can buy everything from favorite coffees like caramel macchiatos and French vanilla lattes to the … Read more