Questions Asked

McDonald’s has introduced the McDVOICE Survey to receive feedback directly from the customers. Direct feedback from the customers helps the McDonald’s to enhance the food quality, and amplify the customer satisfaction level on the premises of the McDonald’s. Please note that a customer can participate in a maximum of five surveys per month. Each and every comment received from the McDVOICE is evaluated, and necessary actions are taken if needed.

McDVOICE Survey Questions

You must be wondering that what are the questions asked in the McDVOICE Survey. Have a look at some of the questions that are a part of the McDVOICE Survey:

  • Staff-behavior on the premises of McDonald’s.
  • Cleanliness at the McDonald’s store.
  • Is the quality of food at McDonald’s hygienic?
  • Was the served order matching with the order you placed?
  • Do you recommend McDonald’s?
  • Please explain in brief in case you faced any sort of issues at the McDonald’s.

The McDVOICE Survey is solely an attempt by McDonald’s to increase customer satisfaction at the McDonald’s. McDVOICE gives the customer a chance to place their feedback and register their complaints if they faced any sort of issues at the McDonald’s.

McDVOICE Survey questionnaire purely consists of the questions based on your last visit to the McDonald’s. It is an honest attempt by McDonald’s to improve its services, and they expect the same in return. So please be honest with your answers. Peace!