Why did McDonald’s switch to cage-free eggs?

McDonald’s will use cage-free chicken eggs in its US restaurants. USA And Canada for the next decade, the company said on Wednesday. Given the size of the company, this decision promises to accelerate the transition that egg producers have made to improve animal welfare for years. McDonald’s buys more than 2 billion eggs annually in … Read more

What’s so special about the McDonald’s ice cream cones?

Ice cream can be especially sweet this Sunday because you can get it for free. The third Sunday in July is celebrated as National Ice Cream Day, a makeup party with restaurants and shops across the country offering special gifts and discounts on ice. The 2017 edition of National Ice Cream Day will take place … Read more

The McDonald’s Breakfast Will Be Served All Day

A walk to McDonald’s before breakfast is a thing of the past. The fast-food chain announced Tuesday that it will serve breakfast across the country starting October 6. The chain stopped serving its breakfast menu at 10:30. The announcement comes after a testing and review process that ended last week with a franchise vote, according … Read more

What are the changes in the beef of the McDonald’s?

McDonald’s announced Tuesday that it has chosen fresh pounds instead of frozen meat at 3,500 restaurant chains in the United States and plans to expand elsewhere in May. The fast-food giant’s announcement follows a promise made a year ago to bring fresh meat to the market at most of its 14,000 American restaurants in mid-2018. … Read more

All day breakfast of the McDonald’s

McDonald’s breakfast options throughout the day seem to be a hit with customers. The fast-food giant, which started breakfast 24 hours in October, experienced a 5.7% increase in same-store sales in the fourth quarter of 2015. Analysts only grew by 2.7%. Overall, McDonald’s posted quarterly earnings of $ 1.21 billion, or $ 1.31 per share. … Read more

Removal of the artificial preservatives by the McDonald’s

McDonald’s plans to stop using certain artificial preservatives in its most popular menu items. The change announced Monday includes Chicken McNuggets and other foods that no longer contain artificial preservatives. The company will also cut the high-fructose corn syrup from its hamburger buns. McDonald’s began testing preservative-free Chicken McNuggets in April to revitalize its business … Read more

McDonald’s Delicious Dipping Sauce

The cult comedy Rick and Morty sparked nostalgia for a McDonald’s spice. Cartoon Network fans have been in crisis since the season 3 premiere, which launched unexpectedly on April 1, and they refer to a “Sichuan sauce” made by the fast-food chain for nearly two decades. Mashable was offered. Reports, As a result, the mad … Read more

Hygiene of the McDonald’s

Eating McDonald’s for 10 consecutive days can destroy the healthy bacteria in your body that make up your microbiome, a man who tested it so the rest of us don’t have to. Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, asked his son Tom, a genetics student at the University of Aberystwyth, … Read more

The interesting story of the McDonald’s McMuffin

Tuesday is the day Egg McMuffin fans have been waiting for: Since Oct. 6, McDonald’s in the United States will serve breakfast all day. It’s a movement that the fast-food chain has been making for decades and introduced the popular sandwich in the mid-1970s. Like Silly Putty and Penicillin, Egg McMuffin has an origin story … Read more

Ordering big mac of McDonald’s by phone

If your addiction to the dollar menu is only overshadowed by your disdain for long lines, here is some good news. Starting next year, McDonald’s customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Australia will be able to order and pay for their purchases using their smartphones using new technologies. Mobile payment … Read more