The most expensive McDonald’s giant Mac

Fast food has a few requirements: speed, food, and low costs. And when it comes to cheap, McDVOICE revolutionized gaming with the invention of the “Dollar Menu” in 2002. But of course, prices and participation may vary. For example, if you want a McLobster, you have to go to New England in the summer. And … Read more

McDonad’s offering all the soft drinks for just $1

Following recent promotions, such as new clover shakes and Big Macs in various sizes, McDonald’s is now taking a more traditional approach to attract customers: Prices are falling on the beverage menu. Starting in April, McDVOICE will offer non-alcoholic beverages of all sizes for just $ 1. For a limited time, McCafe restaurant drinks, including … Read more

The return of pumpkin pie at the McDonald’s

Everyone knows that the best fall dessert is pumpkin pie. If you are like us, not a day goes by without dreaming of a large disc covered with a fresh whip. If you can’t wait until Thanksgiving to serve your favorite fall, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to. McDonald’s brings festive … Read more

The McDonald’s McNuggets goes wrong for the irresponsible customer

Sorting naked nuggets confuses Facebook. Last Friday, Facebook user Sameer Jafri shared a photo of McDVOICE McNuggets, even though it was separated from its outer shell. Jafri then asked his fans if they also wanted to “peel” their McNuggets. In the following days, the Swiss Post quickly collected over 2,500 likes and 19,000 shares. The … Read more

McLobster at the McDonald’s

While Americans are looking for a way to test McRib, Canadians celebrate with McLobster for at least a few weeks. McDonald’s is adding lobster bread to the menu for a limited time in Canada on Wednesday. And yes, the company notes that the McLobster is a 100% real Atlantic lobster. The limited-time offer is part … Read more

Floating glass garden of the McDonald’s

McDonald’s is redesigned on Instagram. The mega-fast food chain has announced plans to create a new futuristic steel-and-glass restaurant with floating apple trees expected to fall off the restaurant’s roof, according to a press release. The lush 19,000-square-foot restaurant offers touchscreen kiosks available at various McDonald’s across the country and a table service where employees … Read more

McDonald’s not allowed to sell milkshakes near Brexit

Police ordered a McDVOICE in Edinburgh to stop selling smoothies ahead of Friday’s Brexit event because they were feared that people would arrest them like Nigel Farage, the head of Brexit. There have been countless incidents of right-wing activists who were fired upon by protesters after leaving social media earlier this month. Police feared protesters … Read more

Why are some people boycotting McDonald’s?

McDonald’s undergoes a major reaction after a failed attempt to recover a favorite iconic sauce. As mentioned above, at the request of the Rick and Morty Network adult cartoon, McDonald’s agreed to return the abandoned Sichuan sauce. McDonald’s announced last week that the fast-food restaurant would only offer Szechuan sauce to its customers at participating … Read more

The change in the recipe of the McDonald’s burger

McDonald’s says it wants bread. The fast-food chain says it will bake its hamburger buns for another 5 seconds. It will also change the way you broil and broil meat patties, making it juicier, even if not discussed in more detail. “These are the little things that make a big difference to our customers,” CEO … Read more

McDonald’s hot chocolate went wrong

Ordering a drink the right way could have killed a man at McDVOICE in England. Apparently, a doctor ordered black coffee, but he accidentally gave him chocolate milk. Unfortunately, the client suffers from a severe lactose allergy. He only took a sip of the wrong drink to trigger a serious reaction. George Brown, a 22-year-old … Read more