McDonald’s, as already explained is the second largest food restaurant in the world. The McDVOICE team constantly makes efforts to improve themselves every day and achieve 100% customer satisfaction level.  Each and every comment you give on the McDVOICE is essential for the McDonald’s. You can give your feedback on the menu, services, cleanliness, etc. of the McDonald’s.

How Do I Receive McDVOICE Rewards?

McDVOICE offers rewards as a thank you gift to the participants of the McDVOICE Survey. On successful completion of the McDVOICE Survey, a verification code will be dispatched which is needed to be redeemed on your next visit to the McDonald’s.

You will get some lucrative discounts on your next visit after the survey. Please note that survey code is must to be part of the McDVOICE Survey. You will find that code on the purchase receipt of your last visit to the McDonald’s. You may also win some free delicious hamburgers of the McDonald’s along with free muffins.

Also, keep in mind that the rewards vary at regular time intervals, but a reward is guaranteed. The gift vouchers are not transferable or exchangeable at any cost.  Also, the gift voucher cannot be used for any other reward. Only the successful completion of the McDVOICE Survey ensures you the McDVOICE rewards.

Well, McDonald’s has a long list of rewards waiting to be yours, but every time you buy a product for the first time, you have to conduct a new survey.

As the McDVOICE rewards change every month,  getting a free meal this month does not necessarily mean the same McDVOICE reward next time. You can participate in a maximum of 5 surveys per month. So, hurry up and be a participant of the McDVOICE Survey at and give yourself an opportunity to win some lucrative rewards.