The worries of the McDonald’s

The network received more responses in response to Business Insider reports on the company’s resistance to certain aspects of the Family Coronavirus Response Act. Although the article reports that a McDonald’s representative said the chain supported the law but rejected the funding mechanism, critics said the chain’s sick leave measures were inadequate.

In another question in the internal document, a McDonald’s expert asked, “How can we compete with competitors like Starbucks offering paid vacations? This offers us a black eye in the media.

The question elicited a similar response, stating that McDonald’s “has taken significant steps to protect our customers and employees at COVID-19: many of our dining rooms are closing, all entertainment areas are closed, cleaning has increased, especially in traffic areas and offers hand sanitizers in our restaurants.

McDonald’s also responded to a case in which it was raised on social media this week in response to the McDVOICE campaign in Brazil to separate the golden arches to promote social alienation.

“This activation started in Brazil and received mixed comments: first positive in social distance messages to our brand, then more negative because consumers now consider it opportunistic,” explains the internal FAQ.

What was the response?

McDonald’s declined to comment on the inside information on the business. McDonald’s Brazil apologized for “any misunderstanding about the intention to remind our customers and our communities of the importance of social distance in these uncertain times” when asked to comment on the campaign.

“As a brand that operates in almost 120 countries, we share a shared responsibility to help our communities when they need them,” McDVOICE Brazil said in a statement. Throughout the world, we are making changes in the processes to meet social distance guidelines and amplifying our already strict hygiene standards to protect restaurant staff and the public.

Elsewhere in the FAQ, McDonald’s examines “the phases of the crisis, its crisis, its recovery, its reactivation, and the status quo.”

There was a great concentration in the communities and we should never forget, says the internal sources. What we are emphasizing now and in the recovery is that we really need to proactively invest in our investments and just move forward, McDVOICE is working and how you can get our food, how you can better access our food.”