Is there any racial discrimination at the McDonald’s?

Two McDVOICE executives filed a lawsuit against the company, accusing it of discriminating against African-American customers and employees. They say the weather has become particularly hostile after British-born Steve Easterbrook became CEO in 2015. Under his leadership, the company “mercilessly cleaned up” high-ranking African Americans and changed the way black customers were advertised. McDonald’s said: … Read more

McDonald’s in China

McDonald’s will open 1,250 new restaurants in China in the next five years and will focus on high-growth markets to increase sales. This would make China the second-largest market in the fast-food chain after the United States. McDVOICE also plans to open 250 stores in Hong Kong and South Korea during the same period. High-growth … Read more

Screw in the McDonald’s happy meal

The mother of a four-year-old girl said she was horrified after her daughter found a 2-inch screw in a McDonald’s meal. The screw was one of the chicken nuggets Brenda McQuay bought for her daughter Rebecca at the McDVOICE restaurant in Carrickfergus, County Antrim. Rebecca was in the back of the car and she said, … Read more

Fatal Shooting In McDonald’s

An old Bailey heard a man shoot a stranger after a fight broke out at a McDVOICE restaurant in South London. The two met for a “shooting” after being escorted by security officers outside the Brixton exit in early April, prosecutor Zoe Johnson said. The jury learned that Horace Campbell, of Liam Douglas-O’Callaghan, had received … Read more

Gas leak in the McDonald’s

Several people were treated for respiratory problems after a gas leak at a McDonald’s restaurant. Firefighters said a cylinder in the beverage machine leaked carbon dioxide at the Ipswich restaurant. According to the East England Ambulance Service Trust, paramedics examined six people, but none had to be hospitalized. McDVOICE said the restaurant had been evacuated … Read more

What is the McDonald’s paper straw petition?

McDonald’s is asked to stop its paper straws in the UK and Ireland and claims they will “dissolve” in drinks. The fast-food giant is switching from plastic to paper straws in its 1,361 restaurants under pressure from customers. So far, more than 35,000 signatures have been collected in an online petition to return plastic straws. … Read more

Infant bleach in a bottle in McDonald’s

A jury decided that a woman gave a baby a bottle of bleach at a McDVOICE restaurant in south-east London. The 11-month-old boy drank the liquid and vomited after the bottle was turned over to Woolwich court. Judge Andrew Lees had previously ruled that Elaine Joyner, 53, of Deptford, could not plead, and a lawsuit … Read more

The journey of McDonald’s boss

Don Thompson, CEO of McDonald’s, will resign after two and a half years as the company continues to struggle with a decline in its customer base in the United States. He will be replaced in March by Britain’s Steve Easterbrook, the company’s current brand manager. “It’s hard to say goodbye to the Mc family,” Thompson, … Read more

McDonald’s expanding the liberty stadium

Swansea Mayor Huw Jenkins said the decision to allow a new fast-food restaurant near Liberty Stadium threatens plans to expand the property. Consultants gave their building permits for a new McDVOICE. Jenkins accused her of “myopia” after ignoring the stadium director’s objections. Ron Mounsey, a McDVOICE franchisee in Swansea, said the place had been empty … Read more