Corona impact on the McDonald’s

McDonald’s removes menu items to make life easier for employees working during the coronavirus epidemic.

On Wednesday, the fast-food giant internally announced its intention to launch a limited menu in the United States during the coronavirus epidemic. Customers can no longer order breakfast or items like salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, and soft chicken all day.

According to a McDonald’s internal document from Business Insider, the fast-food giant is not making decisions due to supply problems.

Supply was not the problem for our food and paper products today,  the document says. This simplified menu should make it easier in restaurants during these tough times.

Still Working!

According to the document, the items that continue to appear to include the best-selling menu items available in the chain. Customer favorites like McMuffins, McChicken Biscuits and McGriddles will be available in the morning. Big Macs, burgers, pounds, fries, and steak-o-fit are among the menu items that are available for the rest of the day.

McDVOICE executive vice president of operations, Bill Garrett, said in a statement to Business Insider that US websites. They will temporarily remove certain items in the coming weeks.

To streamline processes in our kitchen and for our staff members and to provide our customers with the best possible experience, we work with our local franchisees and restaurants to focus on serving our most popular options and temporarily adding some menu items to exclude the coming weeks Garrett said in a statement.

We will assess the situation regularly and make an effort to get back to our regular menu as soon as possible,  Garrett continued. We look forward to continuing to offer our customers at most of our restaurants through Take-out, Mobile Order & Pay, Drive-Thru or McDVOICE.”

It is unknown how long McDVOICE will operate on a limited menu, but it is believed to be a temporary change during the coronavirus pandemic. The President of the United States, Joe Erlinger, tweeted on Wednesday night: “All day, breakfast responded to this message:” I will be back. “”