McDonald’s in Sweden

Thirty or forty years ago, when the womb was not fun, the ads were five minutes long and very detailed.

They explained the joys of cigarettes, red meat, and alcohol (or at least, they tell me). Without a remote control, I think most people would sit and watch, but for today’s Millennials and Generation Z plagued vendors, ADD, things are not that easy.

There are all kinds of new devices on the market, but most of us have become completely immune to any form of marketing. Unless, of course, it’s super fun and almost effortless, as the latest McDVOICE campaign in Sweden describes.

If you have an iPhone and are close to this McDonald’s in Stockholm, Sweden, you basically have the option of receiving a digital coupon for a McDVOICE gift of your choice after an intense virtual game of ping pong.

Obviously, a large interactive billboard in the center of the plaza pokes fun at pedestrians to test their table tennis skills for a McDVOICE snack. The best part is that the application does not need to be downloaded.

Yes. All you have to do is enter a URL in the iPhone browser. After the GPS confirms that you are close to the screen, play pong against the computer and broadcast everything live on the screen.

Those who can handle 30 seconds in an increasingly difficult game will receive a digital coupon sent directly to the phone and instructions to McDonald’s.