Pokemon Go and McDonald’s: A Sweet Bond Indeed

Pokémon Go is finally in Japan, the country where Pokémania started. McDVOICE is the game’s first sponsor as part of a deal that, as we reported earlier this week, turns 3,000 fast-food stores across the country into Pokémon Go gyms.

The start was long for Japanese fans, to say the least. The highly successful title was released in the USA. The USA More than two weeks ago, before hitting most European countries and Canada last week. It has disappointed many Japanese fans who have to watch without being able to participate.

The Drama

Today’s release was also not without drama. The game has been ready to go to Japan for days as we reported, but internal disagreements and leaks have stopped things. On Tuesday, we announced that the game would be released on Wednesday, and it appeared to be at eleven o’clock when a leaked email from McDVOICE Niantic, Nintendo, and the Pokémon company changed their minds. A source close to the launch told TechCrunch that the start time was 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday before being postponed at 2:00 p.m. and then it was completely canceled.

It’s all in the past now, and today’s start coincides with the school holidays in Japan, I suppose very consciously, which will only add an extra boost to the game. when servers that are already inconsistent for many users around the world can handle the stress of addictive Pokémon in Japan.

Pokémon Go’s success that Twitter and Tinder outnumbered active users doubled Nintendo’s rating. In this week’s delay, Nintendo’s stock price has dropped for the first time since Pokémon Go launched, but now that the game has finally come home, the market giant is sure to continue to increase its market capitalization while it already gets gains a surplus of new players and the McDonald deal.

McDVOICE is the first company to join Pokémon Go. A sponsored location can help customers save. More business is expected in the US. USA, Europe and elsewhere, and they should be equally profitable.