The menu of 1950 at the McDonald’s rescue

There were only nine items! Today, the billion-dollar chain offers more than 100 items, from Big Macs to McWraps, wild fruit smoothies, and various salads. The company is publicly upset with its overwhelming menu and competitors like Shake Shack and Five Guys, which offer simple menus with a modern twist on customization.

At Five Guys, for example, customers choose between just two burger sizes and some types of burgers (plain, cheese, bacon, and bacon and cheese). The strain appears because people can add as many ingredients as they want from a 15-ingredient list that includes everything from roasted onions to jalapeƱo peppers.

On the other hand, McDonald’s now has a long list of burger combinations, including classics like Big Mac and variations like the Cheddar Burger with Roasted Onions, the Burger at the Bacon Club, and the Burger at the Ranch. Grill

“Having this option will make execution much more complicated and complex,” said Tom Frank, restaurant adviser to the founding team of the Chinese restaurant chain P.F. Chang McDonald’s had the shortest average transit time since 1998, according to QSR magazine, a fast-food newspaper.

Business analysts agree that the long menu (and the evolution of the American palate) slows sales. Monthly sales at McDonald’s restaurants in the United States, which have been open for over a year, have not changed or decreased for 13 months.

“We are focused on evolving to meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow,” McDonald’s spokesman HuffPost said in an email. McDonald’s recognized its menu issues and announced a complete recovery plan earlier this month, which included an average of eight menu items. The company is currently testing a lighter version of its menu in some places, offering only a quarter of a pound of cheese instead of four and some type of snack packaging instead of three.

The Planning And Execution

“Our goal is to have a cleaner and easier to absorb menu bar for customers,” said a company press release on the menu changes.

The fast-food chain will also try to personalize the Five Guys style and give guests the opportunity to prepare ingredients like guacamole, creamy garlic sauce, and chili cheese to create their own burgers at 2,000 locations. Fast-food customers are easily overwhelmed by a menu with many options, Rapp said. This fear only increases when there is a long line behind him. A limited menu, on the other hand, makes decisions much easier, Rapp said, and people tend to be more satisfied with their decisions if the choice is easy.

Another advantage of a small menu is that it can encourage people to order more expensive items. Confused customers often use the simplest order or what they had when they last checked in, and this is rarely a specialty, Rapp said.

“They don’t want a customer to be confused when crossing the passage, especially when promoting a premium sandwich,” McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson said as he discussed the plan to close the deal. The menu during this time. An investor briefing earlier this month. Customers will not buy the item if they are confused, he said.