Detailing a horrible incident at the McDonald’s

McDonald’s ignored the serious sexual harassment cases, which included groping, obscene suggestions and comments, that hourly workers suffered in eight states. This results from 15 separate complaints that cashiers and restaurant chefs filed with a federal agency last month.

Workers reported taking breasts and molars and listening to obscene comments about the appearance and sexual orientation of their superiors and colleagues (some of these reports are not censored below). Some workers received pornographic photos from their superiors. In one case, a woman’s boss wrote her a $ 1,000 offer for oral sex.

“One day Derek [my shift manager] showed me a photo of his genitals.

Workers describe terrible stories of sexual progress and inappropriate behavior in a video produced by the activist group Fight for 15. They describe how they grab them by the waist, hit themselves on the back, and ask, “What position should I play in the room? ? In other cases, nothing has been done.

Complaints sent to the EEOC paint a sad picture of the professional lives of those at the bottom of the pay scale in the United States and at McDonald’s, the second-largest employer in the country.

They point to a much bigger problem with sexual harassment in the fast-food industry. In a survey released Wednesday, 2 out of 5 women who work in fast-food restaurants reported harassment. Fear of retaliation and not knowing where to go, few workers tell someone about their experiences and receive terrible and stressful treatment.

The complaints are also testing a new legal standard that was introduced last year that would blame McDonald’s for labor law violations in franchisees.

Only one complaint concerns a McDonald’s that is 100% owned by the company. The rest are operated by franchisees. The current and previous fight for 15 employees in California, New York, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida brought the allegations to the Employment Commission. In a statement, McDonald’s appeared to distance itself from its franchisees, whom it described as operating independently. “At McDonald’s, we and our independent owners and operators share a deep commitment to treating everyone with respect,” spokeswoman Terri Hickey said in an email to The Huffington Post. Any sort of harassment will not be tolerated at the McDonald’s. We take all our concerns seriously and investigate the allegations.”

The complaints describe a series of unpleasant behaviors that are committed by the managers, managers and employees of the position. Some refer to customer harassment. Fight McDonald’s sexual harassment for 15 plans across the country on Thursday.