Lack of famous McDonald’s menu items in America

Since 1955, McDonald’s golden arches have been hungry for fast-food lovers in an oasis of burgers, fries, and chicken nuggets. Part of what has made McDonald’s a global phenomenon is the chain’s effort to diversify regional menus in countries outside of the United States to satisfy the sensibilities and tastes of the local market.

While Americans love their Big Macs and McChicken sandwiches, they just don’t know what they’re missing. This stems from a recent article published in Foreign Policy Magazine, listing the top ten foods not available in chains in the United States. U.S

The delicious list includes specialties like the Japanese Ebi Filet-O with breaded prawns. Croque McDo, a version of the classic Croque monsieur de France (an open sandwich with ham and cheese); and BigSpicy Paneer Wrap, an Indian addition to the breadcrumb breaded menu.

In China, McDonald’s customers look forward to the Limited Prosperity Burger every year. The special burger made from meat, black pepper sauce, and onion is only available during the Chinese New Year celebration, according to the New York Daily News.

Lack of products

And there may be no more praise than McArabia Tagine, a cumin-flavored bread sandwich served in franchises across Morocco.

“You know Moroccans honestly,” Noor El Ghoumar, a client, told GlobalPost.

McDonald’s in India plans to cut meat from some of its menus, according to the BBC, to open its first two vegetarian restaurants in 2013.

“If you go to a McDonald’s anywhere in the world, the restaurant must mix with the local culture,” said Lizzie Roscoe, company representative in 2010. “We are a global company and a company. If so, read our menus. .. find dishes that reflect local preferences. ”

With more than 33,500 local restaurants in 119 countries, McDonald’s restaurants serve nearly 68 million people per day, according to its website.

More additions to the local menu, such as McRice Burger or Chicken Maharaja Mac, can be found at BuzzFeed. There you will find a list of 45 McDonald’s items not available in American McDonald’s stores.