The McDonald’s Breakfast Will Be Served All Day

A walk to McDonald’s before breakfast is a thing of the past.

The fast-food chain announced Tuesday that it will serve breakfast across the country starting October 6. The chain stopped serving its breakfast menu at 10:30.

The announcement comes after a testing and review process that ended last week with a franchise vote, according to the Wall Street Journal. McDonald’s will introduce new safety measures, including carts with utensils that are specifically used to handle eggs to ease the transition.

In an interview, Mike Andrés, president of McDonald’s America, told the newspaper that extending breakfast hours was the company’s biggest move since the McCafe beverage line launched in 2009.

“This is the idea of ​​the consumer. It is what he expects from us,” Andrés said. According to me, it could be the catalyst to change our account.

In recognition of the long-standing desire of McDonald’s fans to eat breakfast all day, the company tweeted the announcement to customers who had previously suggested longer breakfast hours.

Innovation at the rescue

When the first Italian McDonald’s franchise opened in the heart of Rome in 1986, opposition came from all angles. Authorities said he did not have the correct building permits; Celebrities called it “Americanization of Italy”; Politicians said it ruined a historic center; Neighbors said it was loud and the smell was unbearable. Thousands of people gathered in front of the facilities in Piazza di Spagna.

One of the opponents, an Italian journalist named Carlo Petrini, took a new approach by distributing Penne-Teller to protesters.

“I was alarmed by the culturally homogenizing nature of fast food,” Petrini TIME said years later in the May 17, 1999 issue of the magazine.

The ideas introduced by McDonald’s are always innovative and mostly they help them to increase their business all over the country. They have always made modifications in food and thus making it better every time.