What are the changes in the beef of the McDonald’s?

McDonald’s announced Tuesday that it has chosen fresh pounds instead of frozen meat at 3,500 restaurant chains in the United States and plans to expand elsewhere in May.

The fast-food giant’s announcement follows a promise made a year ago to bring fresh meat to the market at most of its 14,000 American restaurants in mid-2018. McDonald’s has made several first-class efforts to improve the quality of its grocery items included in the fast-food menu. Symbols like McNuggets removing artificial preservatives and launching an all-day breakfast in 2015. McDonald’s competes with brands like Chick-fil-A, In-N-Out and Shake Shack Inc., as well as competitors like Wendy’s Co.

“Our suppliers have invested approximately $ 60 million in converting they are frozen to fresh supply chains,” said the McDonald’s president.

Changes for the betterment

“McDonald’s is a hamburger shop and there is no better place to start than our hamburger,” he added in CNBC comments.

Kempczinski informed Reuters that there were initial concerns about what fresh, custom burgers would mean for the restaurant’s opening hours. So we had to spend a lot of time making sure that while we were cooking on demand alone we had found a way not to limit service, “he said.

While a Big Mac only makes $ 4 or $ 6 when you combine it, the $ 12,500 bling mac ring is a completely different story. Fortunately, McDonald’s offers this free 18-carat gold burger.

The fast-food giant announced Wednesday that it had held a contest to decide which Mickey D lover, Bling Mac, would win in honor of the launch of its three different sizes of Big Mac: Big Big Mac, Big Mac, and Mac Jr.

The seven-layer stackable ring was designed by jeweler Nadine Ghosn and uses a variety of gemstones to replicate the mini-sauce version of the legendary champagne diamond burger like meat pies, tsavorites like lettuce and cucumber, and orange sapphires.