What’s so special about the McDonald’s ice cream cones?

Ice cream can be especially sweet this Sunday because you can get it for free.

The third Sunday in July is celebrated as National Ice Cream Day, a makeup party with restaurants and shops across the country offering special gifts and discounts on ice.

The 2017 edition of National Ice Cream Day will take place on Sunday, July 16 and there will be a new participant: McDonald’s.

The fast-food giant offers free ice cream for the first time in the entire country. We remember National Ice Cream Day. On July 16, participating McDonald’s restaurants will offer free vanilla serving cones to all customers without shopping.

Planning and executing

Part of the campaign is the presentation of the new McDonald’s ice cream. McDonald’s began tacitly changing its vanilla ice cream in the fall of 2016, and the company now claims that the ice cream contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

We will release a broader description of National Ice Day gifts later this week. The Golden Arches Home will be the first major company to partner with Pokemon Go developer Niantic, reports the Associated Press.

Although the game has yet to be released in Japan, McDonald’s will work together there. Restaurant chains will be key locations for gamers there, the Wall Street Journal reported.

McDonald’s confirmed the collaboration in a statement after an email about the deal was leaked and the news sparked speculation. All the excitement surrounding the Japanese release of Pokemon Go in relation to the McDonald’s news delayed the release this week.

Other companies, such as restaurants and bars, used the game by purchasing “bait,” an in-app feature that draws Pokémon, and its customers, to a specific location. When the game starts in Japan and the McDonald’s membership is up and running, many new people can catch them all.