McLobster at the McDonald’s

While Americans are looking for a way to test McRib, Canadians celebrate with McLobster for at least a few weeks.

McDonald’s is adding lobster bread to the menu for a limited time in Canada on Wednesday. And yes, the company notes that the McLobster is a 100% real Atlantic lobster. The limited-time offer is part of McDonald’s Canada’s “Great Canadian Taste Adventure,” a campaign to promote national pride with menu items inspired by Canada.

As part of the campaign, McDVOICE served four other menu items, including Quebec-inspired poutine and bacon, and the bowl of Nanaimo chocolate ice cream, which uses the flavors of one dish. Canadian Classic Chocolate from Nanaimo, British Columbia. Each menu item represents a different region of Canada and extracts ingredients from the region that inspired it. None of the items will be on the menu for more than a few weeks in June.

The new flavors in the menu

While the Great Canadian Flavor Adventure takes place in Canada, the McLobster seems to have a longer range. The role that has regularly appeared on McDonald’s menus in certain regions of Canada for years has also played in Italy for a limited time. A Twitter user who claims to be a McDonald’s expert says the newspaper will soon appear on Boston menus as well.

The Canada-focused campaign provides an example of how the company’s recent decision to find menus and ingredients could unfold in the coming months. As the chain tries to enhance its reputation as a provider of low-quality food, managers have promised simplified recipes with local ingredients that appeal to small regional markets. Most American McDVOICE may not be using McLobster anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean that local McDVOICE won’t have exciting menu developments in the near future.