Floating glass garden of the McDonald’s

McDonald’s is redesigned on Instagram.

The mega-fast food chain has announced plans to create a new futuristic steel-and-glass restaurant with floating apple trees expected to fall off the restaurant’s roof, according to a press release.

The lush 19,000-square-foot restaurant offers touchscreen kiosks available at various McDonald’s across the country and a table service where employees deliver groceries to customers.

The company hopes that its shiny new design tucked away in a space surrounded by 70 trees, will be a great success for the millennial generation and young people.

The building, which will open earlier this spring in Chicago to replace a previous McDVOICE with a rock and roll theme, is LEED-certified and has solar panels to collect energy. The hamburger shop also said the kitchen would use low-oil fryers and a low-consumption HVAC unit.

An innovation

The new “Experience the Future” campaign doesn’t end with green fryers and a glass frame. The new restaurant will also have a “floating glass garden” with ferns and white birches in the control area and a live wall, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Although McDVOICE’s presence looks different, Nick Karavites, owner of the McDonald’s franchise, says he (mostly) is the same old favorite.

He is extremely proud to be a part of something so modern. Ultimately, we remain a company that sells hamburgers, fries, and smoothies, and we want to sell as much as possible,” said Karavites of the Chicago Tribune. , whose franchise group The Family owns 24 McDVOICE restaurants in the Chicago area.

For those who don’t want to dine under the 7-meter roof, the restaurant is designed to work best with cell phones and sidewalk trucks.

There are fewer parking spaces to attract people to the restaurant by bike or on foot.