The McDonald’s McNuggets goes wrong for the irresponsible customer

Sorting naked nuggets confuses Facebook.

Last Friday, Facebook user Sameer Jafri shared a photo of McDVOICE McNuggets, even though it was separated from its outer shell. Jafri then asked his fans if they also wanted to “peel” their McNuggets.

In the following days, the Swiss Post quickly collected over 2,500 likes and 19,000 shares. The response was also quick and violent, as many of the more than 5,200 McDVOICE comments were extremely critical of the idea.

“It hurts! Who would do anything with your nuggets!” Replied a Facebook user.

“OMFG THIS IS,” wrote another.

“It will make me have McDVOICE nightmares,” said another commentator.

Others shared their aversion to vomiting and smilies, while some threatened to call the police in Jafri, also known as “Sicko” and “Psychopath”.

Despite the harsh response, many commenters seemed intrigued by the idea if they were not ready to fully accept it.

“I did it when I was younger!” Says a woman.

“I am not alone,” said another.

However, those who have taken note of Jafri’s sauces have largely accepted the use of four different, well-rated flavors.

“I love this sauce!”, Congratulated on one user.

I did it when I was little, but yes, I have my sauces like that, said another.

“I want to know how you got four sauces what to give me one,” wrote a jealous Facebook user.