McDonald’s Security Guard Fights With The Young Boy

A McDonald’s customer claims to have been harassed and insulted by a McDVOICE security guard who apparently did not believe he was ordering food with the app.

The incident occurred at a McDVOICE in Gipsyville, England, on Friday night. A security guard reportedly assumed that a group of teens using the McDonald’s app to order had failed to order food.

Cameron Sande and his friends went to a restaurant, sat at the table, and used the app to order meals, reports Der Spiegel. A security guard reportedly approached the table, received no food, and asked him to come.

The behavior

Sande says the guard has become aggressive and hit the table during the confrontation.

“I was angry, my friends were scared. A stupid white boy called me. If it was the other way around, he would do it for racism,” Sande told Hull Live.

It was aggressive and racist towards us, Sande continued. The manager told him to calm down and said we were going to inquire for our phones. He put his hands up in the air and laughed. When he told the manager what had happened, he tried to scare me, he shouldn’t say so.” I told the manager. He kept hitting: “Shut up, shut up.”

In a statement received from Spiegel, a McDVOICE spokesperson said: “We were aware of an incident at our restaurant on Boothferry Road that involved an outside security officer. The customer experience is extremely important to the company.” us and our employees The management team spoke with the customer to apologize at the time of the incident. ”

The press release concluded: “We will contact the supplier to make sure they meet the standards we expect in our restaurants and to prevent these incidents from happening in the future.”