A heartwarming message for the McDonald’s

Something magical happened in a McDVOICE car, and the reason was really reassuring.

A Tennessee woman says that after asking her son for food, she went to the window to pay. However, when she arrived, she was treated with a shocking but pleasant surprise.

Heidi Goforth said the woman before him paid for breakfast and, while it was a very nice gesture, the reason for the free food was even sweeter.

According to a note on the receipt, the woman in front of Goforth is the mother of a member of the Air Force. And since she couldn’t handle it at breakfast, the news said she was on duty, she decided to buy it for the person behind her who Heidi Goforth had become.

The message

After the emotional gesture, Goforth shared a photo of the receipt on Facebook with the caption: “Hello! I just passed by. I was very touched! I bought my son’s breakfast.” My food was paid for at McDVOICE and the sweet lady in the car in front of me. I pray you to see your son soon! He is lucky to have a mother who loves him so much! God bless you and him! Thanks for your service.

Caryn Scherm Hill, a Facebook user who claimed to be the mother of the Air Force, saw the message and replied, “It was a pleasure. Kindness can create a wave of excitement. How long did it take to have a special lunch for your son? ?!

He added that his son had received basic military training and another 17 days. He also said that his son’s girlfriend was the one who saw the booth and informed him.

I saw him briefly when I woke up, but I had to run to work, he continued. My husband filled me with updates during the night shift. I cried like a baby when I read his and other people’s comments! Not an hour goes by without thinking about our son. He will laugh when I do what he does.”

Apparently, Goforth Hill didn’t see the answer until Fox News asked her and she was excited: “My heart is melting! I couldn’t imagine letting go of my son and imagining what was happening. I am so grateful to you. I chose and am impressed with the expression of gratitude, support, and love that everyone has shown and expressed! God really wanted us both to see what a great job he did for us that day to emphasize this sweet gesture. ”

Overall, the best thing that happens at McDVOICE Drive-Thru is someone who finds an additional McNugget in their food. However, it is much more exciting.