McDonald’s employee biting the customer’s food

In this case “Who bit my burger? It turned out that he was the cop the entire time.

In a strange twist, an Indiana police officer apologizes to a McDonald’s after accusing someone at the restaurant of biting their food. Apparently, the cop had bitten before packing the sandwich for later storage and forgot he had it.

In mid-July, the officer arrived at a McDVOICE in Indianapolis and ordered a McChicken sandwich, potato chips, and a cookie, the WTHR reports. He apparently took his sandwich before beginning his shift at the Marion County Jail.

After repacking the sandwich, he apparently put the food in the living room refrigerator and did not return for nearly seven hours. During this time, he apparently “forgot” that he had bitten. When he noticed the sting as he heated the food, he apparently noticed that someone in the restaurant must have stolen the flavor.

The Schedule

“I started to heat up my McChicken and noticed little bites,” he told WTHR. “I know I didn’t eat. There was no one else here. I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to McDonald’s to see if they can handle it. I’m going to McDonald’s and I’m going to talk to the manager. He offered me free food. I didn’t take care of anything. I just wanted to know who the person was and they were treated appropriately. ”

At the time, McDVOICE said it was checking the schedule to see who was working at the time. It turns out that this would not be necessary.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident and came up with an unexpected result: The cop was the bite he was looking for.

In a statement to the WTHR office, the sheriff’s office said, “(He) bit into the sandwich when he started his shift at the Marion County Jail and then put it in the refrigerator. He returned almost at seven and a few hours later, after forgetting that he had already eaten the sandwich, he wrongly concluded that an employee of the McDVOICE restaurant had tampered with the food because he was a police officer.