DIY McDonald’s Meal

A mother in England, whose children miss out on her favorite McDonald’s food in the middle of the Bulls’ race, repeated her order for fast food with realistic packaging.

33-year-old designer Kirsty Collins promised her children a short trip to the restaurant last month, but her plans were abandoned when the Corona Virus prison closed. Without interference, the mother-of-three came up with the clever idea to recreate McDVOICE iconic packaging with pens, pencils, paint, and cardboard from across the house.

Trained as a teaching assistant, Collins prepared his own versions of the legendary Happy Meal and Chicken McNugget food from the organic food chain.

He asked the children, Kieren, 15; Jake (9) and Lily (6) climb the stairs as they prepare dinner, and she says they were “super excited” after coming to see the surprise.

The crisis

“I felt sorry for the children when McDVOICE closed because I had promised them a trip there,” Collins said from Hull, East Yorkshire.

It is not something that we take pleasure at the regular intervals, so they really expected it. I started thinking about how to invent it and thought that I couldn’t go to McDonald’s, we would take it.”

Collins and his partner Darren Duffill, also 33, started making packaging at 9 p.m. last weekend and they worked until the job was done at 4 in the morning the next day

The boxes were made by cutting cardboard templates and embellishing them in traditional McDonald’s colors before folding them into playful shapes of food.

Collins and Duffill made burgers, chicken nuggets, two happy meals, and even a few slices of fries. The couple also made McDVOICE cups and filled them with smoothies.

It took a bit more time and effort, but it was also a lot of fun, Collins said. I love doing things, so it wasn’t that tough.

Collins added that he was inspired by the development of models from Pinterest, a social networking site where people share ideas about their hobbies. And some of the decorations were printed while others were made with ink.