A man wanted for pushing the McDonald’s employee

It is no wonder that a man carrying a shark on Saturday night appears to have caused trouble.

According to an article on the local police Facebook page, the staff at a McDVOICE fast-food restaurant immediately noticed the man’s strange behavior. In addition to his clothes, he apparently toured the restaurant and asked if he could get free food because he had lost his wallet.

Southlake, Texas police posted photos of the suspected shark on the Southlake DPS Facebook page. They also claimed that the strangely dressed person asked the place manager before leaving the restaurant.

The joke related to the song “Baby Shark” continues: “On Saturday, September 28, a group of five entered our McDVOICE at North Kimball 225. Four of the five clients were polite, kind and friendly. Normal” Shark’s fifth client Onesie? Not that much.

The person disguised as an “animal” claimed to have lost his wallet and was to be given free food. When the McDVOICE team refused, they stopped outside and started walking.

The booth full of words continued: “The team thought he was a threat, so they closed the door while the rest of the group prepared food for him.”

The suspect reportedly knocked on the door of the restaurant and asked for his approval. The director told his friends that if they let him in they should leave.

As his friends got into the car, the shark went to the north gate and hit him, said the guard.

These cute little workers really opened the door to make sure everything was okay, and the shark accused them of stealing their wallets and tried to break in. The manager blocked his way and the shark got him shoved at the youngsters. And to the managers, by force. Another employee came to help close and shut the doors. “