The recipe of the McDonald’s Egg McMuffins

With some restaurants closed during the world crown pandemic, McDVOICE shared their recipe for making the perfect McMuffin egg at home, and people love it.

In late March, Mickey D’s temporarily closed all 1,270 restaurants in the UK due to problems with COVID-19 during the global epidemic. While fans crave fast food, the Golden Arches have kindly instructed how to make sausages at Egg McMuffins recently.

“Did you like a McMuffin? We tweeted it at McDonald’s on Saturday and unveiled their classic breakfast recipe sandwich. Fans should use an English muffin while frying sausage and eggs in a pan, then a patty and a slice of American cheese before McDVOICE said toasting.

Apparently, Mickey D’s instructions were successful and the recipe has already received over 1,700 likes.

Inspired, some users shared their homemade phrases and tagged their creations with the hashtag #McDonaldsAtHome.

Meanwhile, Mickey D locations in the state announced they would temporarily cut breakfast offerings later in the day to “simplify” crew members during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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