Why was the McDonald’s customer arrested?

There are better ways to handle mistakes when ordering food.

An angry Utah customer allegedly attacked several McDVOICE employees last month after claiming that he ruined his order for fast food. Authorities later arrested the man, who was charged with theft and two physical injuries.

The incident occurred at McDonald’s at a Walmart in Layton, Utah, on November 7, KUTV reported. After eating out, Victor Jimmy Castro returned to the restaurant and crouched behind the counter.

According to the statement released by The Smoking Gun, Castro slapped the employee behind the cash register in the face. Then he went back to the kitchen and said he slapped another worker in the face.

“They were wrong,” Castro said during the attack, witnesses said.

Authorities used surveillance equipment to identify Castro and recently arrested him.

In similar news, other McDVOICE employees across the country said they had been abused.

In November, a group of McDVOICE employees filed a lawsuit against the company in Chicago, alleging that their employer had not protected them from violence. The 17 employees work at 13 different McDonald’s restaurants across the city.

Workers said Chicago police responded to more than 20 daily emergency calls to McDonald’s locations in the city, the Associated Press reported. They also cited several cases of violence, including physical assault and sexual harassment.

“McDonald’s has not consistently protected its employees from violence in the workplace,” workers’ attorney David Rosenthal told the Associated Press. McDonald’s employees all over the country are regularly threatened, beaten, and injured by customers.