The hilarious conversation of the McDonald’s employees

A McDVOICE customer had a free side to the drama while driving when a restaurant employee apparently accidentally left the buyer’s microphone at the fast-food chain.

On July 22, the funny Twitter account @SomeonesAnIdiot shared a two-minute music video to the sound of the epic speaker, which has been viewed on the platform more than 3.4 million times and more than 6,900 times. Shape.

In the non-sequential conversation, a female voice said she would not leave the day off “unless she was home” and apparently speaking to someone on the phone or elsewhere in the restaurant.

The Mickey D employee called someone in Brittany who he recently loaned him $ 20 because the woman “couldn’t pay her phone bill.”

The employee then said that Brittany had finally returned $ 10 to her, but was still frustrated that her friend owed other people money.

The Great Discovery

The McDVOICE employee chatted and quickly discovered that the microphone for continuous monitoring was actually on during the conversation.

“I apologize for the wait. How can I help you?” He asked the customer warmly.

Obviously, social media commentators have a lot to say about the McDVOICE espionage experience.

“It definitely seems to be the type that offers additional packets and ketchup sauces on-demand,” said a hardworking fanatic.

“Update? Brittany paid her the remaining $ 10? I need to know,” said another.

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“It could have been much worse. There is nothing to do here,” suggested another when asked why the client “sniffed” at the Golden Arches team.

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Others were generally more skeptical about the story.

Some of you have never served in the service sector and it shows, said one commenter.

“I don’t think so,” argued another. There is no fast food unit that is so ambiguous on the speaker.