Was McDonald’s really scammed?

British authorities found several fake McDVOICE loyalty stickers on the car of a suspected drunk driver during a weekend car accident.

The unidentified man was arrested Sunday by the West Yorkshire Steerside Enforcement Team, which deals with the antisocial and criminal use of Bradford Street.

During the arrest, authorities found several forged sticker sheets in the man’s vehicle and said he had tried to defraud a McDVOICE loyalty program that rewarded customers with free coffee for every six cups they bought.

Police said they received a community resolution for fraud and were arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving. They bring him to trial.

“A man arrested for drug abuse at @WYP_BradfordS also tried to commit fraud when multiple sheets of fake @ McDonaldsUK coffee labels were found in his vehicle,” Steerside’s compliance team tweeted.

It may seem not much significant, but it is illegal to defraud a company like this. Just pay for your coffee, added the team.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told the BBC that “anyone who tries to use what restaurant staff believes to be fake stickers will be rejected for their free coffee.”

The company did not immediately send the news to Fox News.

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