The corona virus check-up for the McDonald’s employees

McDonald’s is careful during the coronavirus pandemic and introduces new preventive safety controls for employees in the United States.

On Wednesday, the fast-food chain announced that “additional precautions” would be taken to ensure that restaurant staff was healthy at the start of each shift.

In collaboration with its independent franchisees, McDVOICE confirmed that during the service presentation, employees were asked to indicate if they had been diagnosed with COVID-19 symptoms or if they had symptoms if they had been in close contact with one in the last two weeks. were. The other companies included a person infected with a viral illness and were instructed by a healthcare professional or healthcare professional to represent themselves due to possible or suspected exposure to the coronavirus.

The Procedure

If the employee answers “yes” to any of the questions, they are sent home and can only return to work after a doctor’s approval, McDonald’s said. Employees who answer “no” to all questions about coronavirus control can work normally.

Looking to the future, a relevant Fox News source also confirmed that the fast-food chain is also working to introduce temperature controls for employees in the United States as an additional step in the new wellness policy of the future. next

“We secure the thermometers and quickly make them available to all of our restaurants,” said David Tovar, vice president of communications for the United States at McDVOICE on Wednesday at Business Insider.

Joe Erlinger, president of McDonald’s USA, described health controls as “additional precautions” to protect employees and customers during the unprecedented pandemic.

Implementing these extra precautions is an alternate way for employees to feel comfortable on the job. Customers can be assured that dishes from McDonald’s favorite menu are prepared in good condition by team members. Cheers,” he said. Erlinger in the statement on Wednesday. This is one of the many ways that McDVOICE is assisting to avoid COVID-19 from spreading during this critical time.

Regarding other precautions taken during the COVID 19 crisis, Arcos Dorados closed many of its dining rooms in restaurants, closed all leisure areas and improved cleaning, especially in areas with high traffic and hand sanitizers. Available in all restaurants, including social distance. .

Mickey D will follow rivals Burger King and Popeyes in hiring temperature controls for employees during the DEVV-19 global epidemic.