Screw in the McDonald’s happy meal

The mother of a four-year-old girl said she was horrified after her daughter found a 2-inch screw in a McDonald’s meal.

The screw was one of the chicken nuggets Brenda McQuay bought for her daughter Rebecca at the McDVOICE restaurant in Carrickfergus, County Antrim.

Rebecca was in the back of the car and she said, Mom, look what I discovered, and she held the screw, said, Brenda.

McDonald’s said it would open an investigation.

Brenda returned to her Jordanstown home Tuesday afternoon and stopped after returning from a vaccination clinic to buy a gift for Rebecca.

Much of the restaurant was closed for interior designers who were redesigned, but the passage was still open.

When the short return journey began, Rebecca, who was sitting on her lap with food, made her mother notice the foreign body.

When I checked briefly to check what it was, I was less surprised, said Brenda.

I was so worried about the dirt that might be there and then about the food that I had enjoyed.

But if you analyze what would have happened if I were a younger kid, you really can’t bear to think about it.

I just got all the food and threw it in the trash.

Brenda congratulated McDVOICE on Tuesday night and the company responded on Wednesday morning.

He said the response in which the company promised to send the screw to a “food technology laboratory” for analysis was unsatisfactory.

The BBC contacted McDVOICE on Friday and the company made a statement.

We are sorry to hear about this accident and analyze how embarrassing it must have been for the family in question, a spokesman said.

We immediately began an investigation to find out why our strict safety standards were not met in this one case, and we are in contact with the family.