McDonald’s County Free Restaurant

Plans for a McDonald’s restaurant in the only county in England without the golden arches are pending approval.

Authorities recommended proposals for the restaurant outside Oakham, Rutland, which were approved by city councils.

A planning committee meets on January 14 to decide on the application.

According to McDonald’s, the restaurant will create 35 full-time and 30 part-time jobs.

The Rutland County Council received 23 support agencies and 55 objections to the Lands End Way restaurant.

Some residents fear that fast food will negatively affect the character of the country’s smallest neighborhood.

Robert Kent, who lives in Oakham, appealed the request.

The Environment

He said: The beauty of this location is unmatchable. We really need to look forward and think that how to make a rapid profit in our small business.

There are also concerns about the trash the restaurant may cause.

Stewart MacDonald didn’t think that the idea will be very effective as the McDonald’s restaurant will produce a huge amount of waste issues in the region that also includes the Rutland Water region.

However, McDonald’s assures that they will keep the place clean as there is no question of exposing the waste in that region.

Lisa Shaw is one of the many people who endorsed the restaurant and said: “I could only see it as a positive addition.”

She said: Youth employment will play a major role in the issue and will play a great role in solving this problem.

Though, I don’t think that the littering issues or the antisocial behavior are in the question here.

McDonald’s had previously stated that it understood the “historic nature” of downtown Oakham.

“We think that the place of the restaurant on the outskirts of the city, near the A606, is one of the cheapest and most suitable places,” exclaimed a spokesman.

McDonald’s has been providing some great quality of burgers and services since the first day of its introduction in the market.