The Nottinghamshire Police At The McDonald’s Rescue

A customer turned over his McDonald’s to police after authorities confiscated the car from the post office.

On Tuesday, the Nottinghamshire police stopped the vehicle in Gedling, Nottinghamshire, and found that the courier service did not have “good” insurance.

However, the police “certainly left a Maccies at the door” of the person waiting for their food.

Mail can be fined up to £ 5,000 and six points on your license.

You also risk crashing your car if restoration costs are not paid.

If it is suspected that you are not sure, your vehicle could be seized on the road itself.

Also, the officials may seize your vehicle on the road itself if in any case it is found that your vehicle is not insured.

The provider’s name was not published.

An Irish fast-food company has won a lawsuit against McDonald’s to prevent it from using the words “Big Mac” and “Mc” in certain cases in Europe.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office has decided that McDonald’s has not demonstrated the use of “Big Mac” as the name of a hamburger or a restaurant.

Galway Supermac said it opened the door for trademark registration in Europe.

The Supermac CEO welcomed the “end of McBully”.

This is not the first time that McDonald’s has gone to court on prefixes.

A European court previously ruled that a Singaporean company, MacCoffee, had misused the American hamburger giant’s “Mac” prefix.

The Pocket

Supermac had already tried to expand its activities in the UK and Europe.

However, this movement was halted after McDonald’s won a battle for the similarity between the Supermac name and the Big Mac.

Pat McDonagh, CEO of Supermac, told Irish RT television that it was an internship in “David vs. Goliath”.

“It is the end of McBully.”