Gas leak in the McDonald’s

Several people were treated for respiratory problems after a gas leak at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Firefighters said a cylinder in the beverage machine leaked carbon dioxide at the Ipswich restaurant.

According to the East England Ambulance Service Trust, paramedics examined six people, but none had to be hospitalized.

McDVOICE said the restaurant had been evacuated as a precaution and that six employees received oxygen.

A spokesperson confirmed: We can confirm that there was a CO2 leak from a vending machine at this restaurant. As a result, no one was hospitalized and we do not know that customers have been affected.

The environmental health authorities have already visited the site and are satisfied with the steps taken by our employees.

What was the argument?

The restaurant is scheduled to reopen at 3 p.m. (Brazilian time), added the spokeswoman. McDVOICE in Malaysia argues against an expected boycott of its products due to alleged ties to Israel and says it is not related in any way to “political activity, violence or oppression.”

In a full-page ad in a local newspaper, the fast-food giant says the measures against it will only harm its 12,000 Malaysian employees, more than 85% of whom are Muslim, reports Malay Mail Online. McDonald’s was recently accused of helping to finance Israeli attacks on Gaza. The chain is also expected to refute rumors that it will offer free burgers and drinks on Friday. We want to make it clear that McDonald’s did not post free food ads posted on social media and that we cannot find them. This is a joke by an irresponsible party,” the statement said.

A pro-Palestinian rally in the capital Kuala Lumpur has seen calls to boycott a list of products and companies, including McDVOICE, and similar calls on social media. This week, two protests also took place outside McDonald’s stores in Malaysia. Most of the Malays are Muslim and sympathy for the Palestinian cause is widespread. Earlier this year, a survey by the Anti-Defamation League found that nearly two-thirds of Malaysians admitted to having anti-Jewish attitudes.