What makes the McDonald’s hamburgers so delicious?

“About 90% of production at this factory is for McDVOICE,” said Eunice Koekkoek, the representative of McDonald’s.

As soon as you enter the factory where the hamburger dough is made, it smells immediately, even in the reception area it smells of beef.

Employees with stomach problems can only work with their doctor after the cause has been verified to prevent bacteria and viruses from coming into contact with meat.

The meat does not contain preservatives, so the quality requirements applicable to the factory are very strict.

To prevent objects from entering the meat, nothing can be removed at the factory. This means that jewelry must be removed and plastic springs are also out of the question.

Before entering, you should wear protective clothing and wash your hands well. When I wanted to take notes, they gave me a clipboard and a pen. Both were made of metal, as the burger passed through a metal detector in the last phase of the production process. So when this punishment ends in the flesh, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

The making of hamburgers

The factory mainly produces large pieces of meat. McDVOICE calls for slaughterhouses because the larger pieces of meat reduce the risk of contamination because they have a smaller area that may be contaminated by bacteria.

This space is filled to the brim with this type of container, but all meat is processed in one day.

Forklift trucks constantly move from side to side to find new meat containers.

Almost 500 containers are needed every day to produce enough burgers. Therefore, it takes a lot of work to get them to the right place on time.

While the mixer is grinding the meat, the machine ensures that the small pieces of bone are removed.

A total of eight meat containers, each weighing 500 kg (40 to 50 cows), can be processed at the same time. So if you eat a McDVOICE burger, it doesn’t come from a cow, but from dozens.

The minced meat ends up in a separate hamburger bowl.

Only if the ground beef looks like spaghetti is it perfect.