The TradeMark Scenario Of McDonald’s

McDonald’s has lost its exclusive right to use the Mc brand for some of its food in the EU after a dispute with an Irish fast-food chain.

Supermac’s, with more than 100 fast-food restaurants in Ireland, has complained to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

EUIPO found that McDonald’s has not demonstrated the actual use of the prefix “Mc” in some of the products marketed.

This is Supermac’s second partial victory in this year’s European conflict.

Understanding The “McBully”

However, EUIPO has confirmed McDonald’s right to have the “Mc” mark for chicken nuggets and some of their sandwiches.

The decision also concluded that each party should bear its own costs, as the two companies were successful in some parts of the case and failed in others.

Supermac’s was founded in 1978 by Galway businessman Pat McDonagh and is now the largest Irish fast food restaurant in the Republic of Ireland.

McDonald’s, who previously called his global fast-food rival “McBully,” said the latest move was a “victory for small businesses.”

“Mc is back,” he said in a statement.

“McDonald’s tried to argue that the term Mc because they had certain products that started with Mc, was so synonymous with them that they had a right to own and market Mc,” he added.

“We are very pleased that EUIPO voted for us and that we can now say that we have released Europe from the self-proclaimed McDonald’s monopoly on the term Mc.”

The Menu

However, a McDonald’s statement revealed that the EUIPO decision increased Mc brand ownership over a selection of its fast-food products.

“EUIPO has confirmed McDonald’s registration in the EU for the” Mc “brand, which are just some of the main menu items that McDonald’s uses in relation to its famous brand family with the Mc prefix,” he said. American society. .

“This decision does not affect McDonald’s ability to use its Mc-Prefix or other brands in Europe and the world, and McDonald’s will continue to exercise its rights.”

Supermac took over after a trademark dispute halted attempts by the Irish company to expand its restaurant chain to the UK and Europe.

Long argument
McDonald’s had already won a battle over the similarity between the Supermac name and the Big Mac.

Supermac asked EUIPO to decide the matter and the Irish company won a partial victory in January 2019.

At that time, EUIPO decided that McDonald’s had not really used the term “Big Mac” as the name of a hamburger or a restaurant.

The recent EUIPO decision revokes McDonald’s automatic branding rights to use the term “Mc” in a long list of food, beverage and catering services across the EU.

However, the EU agency confirmed the American company’s right to own the “Mc” brand for chicken nuggets and a variety of sandwiches, including meat, fish, pork, and sandwiches. Chicken