The McDonald’s sea fast food

Rutland will soon lose its claim to being the only English county without McDonald’s after city councils decided to allow the fast-food chain to build an artery outside Oakham.

More than 50 people wrote to the district council to oppose the plans. One woman said it was because “who is [McDonald’s] and what is it for.” But no one on the agency’s planning committee voted eight votes in favor and one abstention against the proposals.

Martin Cuthbert, who would become the franchise director, said he was “convinced it was time to open an Oakham restaurant” and called the chain “safe and family-friendly.”

But how did the townspeople react to this decision?

John Thompson, 72, has lived in Oakham for 36 years and is not particularly happy with the arrival of McDonald’s in the city.

He made some bitter remarks about the arrival and the departure. It is a car, they will not get out of the car.”

There is a significant development. The number of houses has increased as compared to independent companies. There is a risk of being like any other city, and McDonald’s is a small sign of this.

Helen Whitehead, 37, a mother of two and an Oakham resident, welcomed the decision.

It will not affect the image.

“My five-year-old likes it as a gift. McDonald’s is not a big deal these days. Rutland has to keep up with the times.”‘

The Execution At Its Best

The move was also received by Graham Keirle, owner of a burrito van in Oakham.

It’s really great if you have two children. I’m more surprised than ever,” said the 62-year-old man. It is all about the diverse population and not at all about the future moves.

“We are talking about the city,” said Alex Cavner, a 26-year-old Oakham fishmonger. According to the theory and the path, I don’t think that it will make a significant impact at all.

“I hope he doesn’t open the door to other fast-food chains,” but Ellie Taylor, 25, was not happy with the arrival of the fast-food company.

She said, “This will ruin Oakham. It is a beautiful, very small and historic city. We do not need golden arches. It is a 15-minute walk across the street. We are not desperate for that.”

Oakham in Bloom opposed plans for its first installment.

The landscape would hardly be loved by anyone. It will be giving an unpleasant view to some. Such eyes, once built, will be there for decades.

In response, McDonald’s agreed to use stone on the exterior of the exit and khaki green aluminum with a wood effect to give the building a “subtle natural feel.”

Contradictory views elicited an ironic smile from local rock group Murcia.

Two years ago, they joked that they put fake posters on the window of an old Natwest building in Oakham and announced that the chain would be coming to town.

Guitarist Ben McNicholas, who has lived in Rutland all his life, said the public’s response to social media “was not disappointed.”

I thought Rutland would never take McDonald’s. It’s time, the kids want it.” But maybe not everything. One of the objections the Rutland County Council received was a handwritten note from a 10-year-old boy.

Why don’t you stay like this?”

The different opinions were well summarized by two 70-year-old women who spoke to the BBC.

One said he thought the people who opposed him were not from Rutland, but former citizens who were attracted to his rural beauty, while the other, who lived his entire life in the county, was in He was basically divided.

“Rutland is Rutland. We don’t want to get involved. There are so many sandwiches and coffees. They take on Rutland’s uniqueness.”