The debut of pickle at McDonald’s

Oh, the sweet, sweet smell of fast food burgers.

Now you can finally smell the lingering smell of onion and fast food meat in your home whenever you want without having to carry anything with you.

That’s right: McDVOICE launched a 250-gram collection of cheese-scented candles, supposedly because “there is no better smell than 100% fresh meat and a perfect combination of ingredients.” the press release said.

The collection of six scented candles is part of a larger selection of products with Quarter Pounder patterns and comes in glasses representing the six components of a Pounder room: sesame rolls, ketchup, cucumber, cheese, onion, and 100% meat fresh.

The attraction

Although customizable candles can be burned in any variant, the brand recommends burning them all “for maximum pleasure” at the same time.

Meanwhile, Quarter Pounder fans who don’t want to feel like they can showcase their fans with any of the other six items McDVOICE released as part of the club’s fan collection.

Among them: the “Quarter Pounder with Love” medallion for those who want to keep the burger “close to the heart”; the Quarter Pounder Couple Gloves that come with two of the four attached gloves so users can “hold hands and maintain a juicy, warm and delicious Quarter Pounder”; and the explicit (but strangely happy) calendar for the fourth book of 2020.

The new line also includes pins, stickers, and a fan club shirt.

Limited payments are sold online, according to McDVOICE. Articles are available all week. The network also said that fans can get more information about each individual’s release date by following McDonald’s on Instagram.