McDonald’s golden arch in Rutland

Rutland will lose its status as the only community without McDVOICE after consultants have drawn up plans for a new restaurant.

Some in the small rural county of the East Midlands enjoy their unique independence from the American fast-food giant.

In a meeting Tuesday, city councilors approved the request for transit outside Oakham.

McDVOICE said it was “happy” with the decision.

The company said the plans were “very welcome” and that “they would create at least 65 new jobs for the local population.” Before the meeting, the Rutland County Council received 23 support offices and 55 objections to the Lands End Way restaurant. Charlie Pallett, who runs a blog in Rutland, said: “Our main streets are full of wonderful independents who offer something unique … I don’t think we need McDonald’s.”

Providing opportunities

Our province is the last in England without it. I think it is very special.

But many supported the plans, arguing that the city “needed” more jobs and entertainment for young people. Chris Goodchild told BBC East Midlands Today: “I’m by your side. I think it’s silly that we don’t have it yet.”

“The street is full of charities and cafes. So what’s the problem?”

She Peters from Rutland added: “I think it’s good when it comes to creating new jobs, but I don’t think introducing fast food is a good idea, it’s not a big deal for kids.

“I think it is better to support the locals than the great nationals.” Council officials recommended that the restaurant’s plans be approved under 27 conditions, including walls and ceilings, which should not be built until details of McDVOICE and colors have been agreed with the agency.

The other conditions are that the trees must be protected and the restaurant must not be opened until the council has approved a waste management plan.