A 92 year old McDonald’s employee who doesn’t wish to retire

This man really does his job.

A McDonald’s employee recently celebrated an important birthday. The non-Argentine has not only worked at the company for more than two decades but now he can also say that he is one of the oldest employees who wear the uniform.

Although Ike Baker is 92 years old on Saturday, he has no plans to retire, according to WTVC. In fact, he told the news show that he hoped to continue working in Dayton, Tennessee for at least 10 years.

Baker works as a host and is responsible for welcoming customers and ensuring everyone has what they need. The lucky employee has worked at McDVOICE for 21 years.

Restaurant manager Sabina Kaylor told the store that Baker is popular with everyone. According to her, not only is he always excited and active, it is also a pleasure to work with him.

Future plans

McDVOICE has not confirmed whether this is the oldest employee currently working for the company. Fox News requested comments, but did not immediately respond.

These police officers take their duty to protect and serve very seriously.

In the UK, authorities came to deliver the customer-blocked McDonald’s order after a delivery man stopped him and his vehicle was confiscated on Tuesday.

When the Nottinghamshire police stopped the vehicle, they found that the driver did not have “good” insurance, the department said in a statement on its Facebook page.

“Who will you call if your delivery agent is confiscated by the local police and #MCGrilled?”

“We can say for sure that the customer always kept their Big Mac and chips up to date thanks to our staff who safely left their Maccies on the doorstep and they were just” McLovin “.”

Police shared a photo of the McDVOICE order in a paper bag. At the post office, the police also advised drivers not to drive on public roads without adequate insurance. The crime can be prosecuted. Your vehicle will be confiscated on the street and fined $ 6,500.

In addition, the delivery driver arrested by the Nottinghamshire Police may receive six additional points on their driver’s license, restoration costs, or “run over” their vehicle.

Although the gesture seemed innocent enough, the message in the comment section was greeted with shame and condemnation.

“For heaven’s sake, don’t you have anything better to do?” Commented a Facebook user. “How stupid is the law that you need special insurance to deliver someone’s food. Any decent police officer wouldn’t even shut this guy up.”