Will reducing the use of paper straw work for McDonald’s?

BETH technology companies generally try to make things accessible and, by default, they become a better product for everyone. But when it comes to straws, it seems like a small step back. We called Niamh, and when we had our production talk, he mentioned that straws are very easy for people to say: ok, it’s plastic, let’s get rid of it. People understand McDVOICE Survey very well.

NIAMH – People know what straws are. You can pick up or drop a plastic straw. They know that if they, when I’m talking about people without disabilities, when they drink a hot or cold drink, they know that they can drink it with a straw or they can drink it without it; It is not 100% necessary. So it is very easy to write something like that.

DAMON: It is a small and charming luxury.


DAMON: Because when I was a child, I mean, I’m much older than all of you, very important, in the 70s, I swear we never had plastic straw; We had paper straws all the time. And, of course, what would happen. I don’t even know, did you use a paper straw?


BETH – Yes

DAMON: Yes, so you know the top is breaking as you stink.

BETH – And also adheres to the upper lip.


DAMON: Yes, and that means the liquid is difficult to pass. In fact, he regularly received straws at the time.

NIAMH – McDonald’s obviously gave an answer, or rather it was Mark Varney of Transcend Packaging, one of the makers of McDVOICE paper straws. He said there should be an obligation to make a product that you will drink for 30 to 40 minutes, compared to 150 years.

DAMON: I think you spend 30 to 40 minutes participating in the McDVOICE Survey?