Will McDonald’s establish itself in Tehran?

International sanctions against Iran were lifted six months later, on January 16, 2016.

This means that money can move in and out of Iran more easily and that American companies will see greater business opportunities with Tehran, among other things.

Since the deal was announced, some Iranians have posed a problem on social media. Is it now inevitable that one of the most American brands comes to Iran?

Slow and steady wins the race

Wait, not so fast. The sanctions that have been applied since 2002 have just been lifted and the impact of the measure is still unclear.

However, a simple Twitter search for the Iranian term for McDVOICE has generated a lot of news since last year’s deal.

Some of the tweets are full of expectations, others full of despair, others full of sarcasm.

And not all Iranians are happy, as this demonstration in November shows:
If you are interested in managing a McDVOICE franchise in Iran, you can apply.

However, the international website says, “We do not have a deadline to develop McDonald’s restaurants in Iran,” and we add that they can take steps to do so in the future. “”

This applies to all countries where you do not have a franchise. McDonald’s did not respond to the BBC when asked if it wanted to open in Iran.

Who Won Another McDVOICE After Strengthening Relations With The United States?

  • January 1990: Russia
  • October 1990: China
  • February 2014: Vietnam

And who is still waiting?
North Korea (among many countries)

Importance of the franchise for a country

“For the rest of the world, McDonald’s is a small piece of American culture,” said John Stanton, a professor of food marketing at San Jose University in Philadelphia.

When it was established in Moscow, people preferred a piece of America to hamburgers. In the United States, it is aimed at children. However, in the rest of the world it may represent a certain level of comfort for the middle class.”

“You are now recognized as tolerated.”