Why are some people boycotting McDonald’s?

McDonald’s undergoes a major reaction after a failed attempt to recover a favorite iconic sauce.

As mentioned above, at the request of the Rick and Morty Network adult cartoon, McDonald’s agreed to return the abandoned Sichuan sauce.

McDonald’s announced last week that the fast-food restaurant would only offer Szechuan sauce to its customers at participating locations for one day.

That day, Saturday, October 7, “Rick and Morty” and fans of Szechuan sauce gathered in front of McDVOICE restaurants across the country. Thousands of people queued hours before the packages were sold, ordering sweet plum sauce.

However, McDVOICE did not mention in any of its general promotions that only 20 packages of the long-awaited sauce would be available in stores. The Huffington Post reported that some stores listed online as participating stores did not have sauce packaging or that some were sold before authorized sales hours.

When fans noticed that the sauce ran out after queuing for hours, they were shocked. So much so that police were asked to disperse an angry crowd around a McDonald’s in Wellington, Florida.

Angry customers turned to Twitter to voice their chain frustrations by claiming bogus ads and demanding “class action” and “boycott.” The latter has become a modern hashtag for that day, #boycottMcDonalds.

McDonald’s responded to the outrage and publicly apologized to its Twitter account.

“The best fans in the multiverse showed us what they accomplished today,” McDVOICE tweeted. We listen to you and regret that not everyone offers a super-limited Szechuan.

Fans did not buy and accused the Hamburg store of wanting to advertise.

The fast-food giant then posted a second apology on Facebook, promising that more sauce would be on the horizon.