Why are McDonald’s staying open during these tough times?

As local McDVOICE restaurant owners in California and Florida, we know this is a difficult time for everyone in communities across the country.

Ideally, as small business owners, we can play an important role in our communities: bringing people and families together. In difficult times, this means that we support emergency recovery with hot meals for rescue workers or serve as a meeting point for the Red Cross. Our role as employers and community members is more important today than ever as it demands more of us and our teams than ever to ensure that we can provide food to those who need it most.

For those who cannot stay home (doctors, pharmacists, paramedics, people who work three shifts to make masks and respirators, truck drivers who deliver the products that the rest of us need), we remain open, so they can continue. You are at the forefront of our country’s response to COVID-19, and our restaurants are open day and night, driving, running, and delivering.

We do this because it is correct and we pride ourselves on joining the countless Americans who come together to do our part. Our customers thanked us for the openness and sense of calm and comfort, as well as looking for a solution for truck drivers who had trouble finding food stops.

But we cannot offer this service to our clients and our communities without our excellent catering team (our family) that comes every day and is ready to do this meaningful work.

We are here to support you. That is why we speak to them more frequently in person and through video chats and group texts. We regularly review McDVOICE security measures and provide other useful sources of information to help you overcome this period of uncertainty.

We will continue to follow government and regulatory instructions for recommended policies and procedures, including CDC, the World Health Organization, and national and local authorities.

We do everything we can to make our customers, employees, and McDVOICE communities safe, healthy and happy. And as franchisees across the country, we will continue to do everything we can to support our underserved communities, including B. Organizing health care units and providing free meals to hospital staff.