What’s so special in the McDonald’s thought process?

McDonald’s cooperatives may offer a new FIFA World Cup box containing food for two (or more) people in a box that is thematically linked to the next World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil (starting 12 June). A McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed the article, saying that approximately 6,500 McDonald’s stores participated in the group’s cash program.

The company’s recommendation is that the box price is $ 14.99 and includes two large Macs, two 10-piece chicken McNuggets, four sauces, and two medium-sized fries. However, cooperatives have the option to change menus. In Southern California, the World Cup graphics box includes the Mickey D Value Pack and offers food for four for the same $ 15: four McChicken sandwiches; four cheeseburgers, a 20-piece McNuggets, and four medium soft drinks.

The Cost Factor

Combination meals offer consumers cost savings and margin improvements for operators and ensure that high-performance chips and beverages are included. Canned food for multiple people is common in the pizza category, but burgers are not. McDonald’s first tested the shelf with its lunchboxes in Australia in 2010 and has since expanded boxed meals to several European markets.

In Austria, the chain offers a multi-person chicken box with chicken McNuggets and chicken wings. In the United States, Kansas City, Mo. McDonald’s was the first to test the two-meal approach last year. “Mickey D Value Pack” boxes for two people appeared in western markets last fall.

McDonald’s is an icon for many reasons: its golden arches, big mac, happy meals, but nothing says McDonald’s is like its fries. McDonald’s classic crispy fries are unmistakable worldwide. There is nothing like it, and although we have read methods to imitate them at home, we do not believe that anything is real.

McDonald’s is testing a new type of potato chips in its American audience: DIY chips: DIY chips called “McDonald’s Shakin ‘Flavor Fries.”