What is the purpose of the McDonald’s gray burgers?

McDonald’s China presented a hamburger with a roll of gray stones. The sandwich, known as the modern Chinese hamburger, will be available at most Chinese supermarket chains until November 3.

The burger consists of a pork tart, several pieces of fat bacon, a plate of yellow vinaigrette, and a small heap of lettuce, which is crushed between a roll of gray mantou with black sesame seeds.

Hong Kong’s death at McDonald’s sparked a conversation about Asian “McRefugees”.

The choice of color for modern Chinese burgers has been the subject of much debate.

Some people claim that the burger looks like big granite slabs. Beijing suggested that the color of the hamburger is a symbol of China’s “pollution clouds”.

To us, the gray burger looks like a hardened Oreo McFlurry. Chinese McDonald’s, which flirted with colorful burgers, began rolling out its black and white “half burgers” in 2012, which were half the size of a regular McDonald’s burger. The black burger consisted of chopped onion, black pepper sauce, and blackened white sesame bread. The white burger contained a sweet and spicy sauce with black sesame seeds that adorned the colorless bread. Unlike black burgers, which are served in Japanese McDonald’s establishments and make customers green, there are no known major side effects of enjoying McDonald’s modern Chinese burger.

The burger could be McDonald’s efforts in China to increase sales. However, there is no evidence that the gray burger is spreading to other McDonald’s chains around the world.

McDonald’s could not be reached for comment at the time of publication.

People all over the world are hoping that like many other burgers, these gray burgers also rule the hearts and the brains of people. McDonald’s has always been the best in serving the burgers and many other food items.