What is McDonald’s chef-created swiss burger?

McDonald’s Corp. announced disappointing sales for February and said its short-term goal was “to reaffirm McDonald’s as a modern and progressive hamburger company.” In Switzerland, this means bringing McDonald’s to the market as a luxury competitor and the best burger with menu items created by the chef.

Last year, the Swiss chain’s activities made headlines when they launched a new “Signature” menu that was anchored by a hamburger titled “The Prime” for $ 12. This and other items were created by René Schudel, a popular chef of TV. Now Signature and René Schudel are back with a new burger of even higher quality but at a more modest price. The new The Classic Signature Burger (above) contains 180 grams of Swiss meat with lettuce, tomato, onion, and special Schudel mayonnaise. It is served on a bun that McDonald’s calls homemade. The Classic is priced at 9.90 Swiss francs ($ 9.86) a la carte or 13.90 Swiss francs ($ 13.85) as part of a combination meal.

What exactly it is?

“As you can see from the name, El Clásico is a remake of a classic burger. It represents everything a real burger should have: flavor, size, and character,” Schudel said in a version that announced the start. Back to the McDonald’s Signature menu in Switzerland is another creation of René Schudel, the Chicken Club. The construction combines a chicken breast with Liechtenstein bacon, lettuce, red onion, aioli ​​, and tomato sauce. It is the same price as the classic hamburger.

There’s more: 100% fries were added to the takeaway menu or not. These crispy potato chips are served with a Schudel-made Schudel smoked tomato sauce and cost 4.50 Swiss francs ($ 4.48) as a garnish or another 1.00 Swiss francs ($ 1) as part of a combination.

The McDonald’s has been expanding its menu and the every product of its menu is delicious. We hope that this innovative dish also goes well for McDonald’s.