What are the McDonald’s Shrek glasses?

The McDonald’s fast-food chain collected 12 million jars to promote Shrek’s new movie because the drawings painted on it contain toxic metallic cadmium.

The glasses sold in the United States for around $ 2 each and are available in four models that are the main characters in the animated movie.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has warned consumers to stop wearing glasses immediately.

Cadmium can harm the liver, kidneys, lungs, nervous system, and brain.

Shrek glasses address long-term exposure to low concentrations.

Metal can drip from paint onto a child’s hands and enter the body when the child brings an unwashed hand to their mouth.

The Amount Not Too Big

McDonald’s asked customers to stop wearing glasses “just in case.”

“We believe that Shrek glass products are safe for consumers,” said McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman in the United States.

Scott Wolfson, a CPSC spokesman, said: “A very small amount of cadmium can reach the surface of the glass. To protect children as best as possible, CPSC and McDonald’s are worked together on this recall.

He said the amounts of cadmium released from the paint during the tests were “slightly higher than the level of protection the agency is developing.”

He added that the glasses contained “much less cadmium” than the children’s metal jewelry CPSC recalled earlier this year.

Shrek Forever After, the fourth and final film in the Shrek series, premiered in the United States last month.

Despite the objections of more than 90 people, a new McDonald’s was approved in Cardiff.

The Cardiff Board of Directors approved plans for the 24-hour restaurant at the former Ty Glas pub in Llanishen.

City Councilman Shaun Jenkins said McDonald’s “would increase noise, pollution, and traffic” and be closer to home than any other McDonald’s in the city.

Directors voted between 11:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. against a transmission restriction. “Offensive to charm”
City Councilman John Lancaster said a committee-approved McDonald’s seal would promote youth to fast food.

McDonald’s has been the best in the world since its introduction in the market.

Kevin Hart, the principal at Coed Glas Elementary School, had previously spoken out against the plans and told the board that the new McDonald’s could lead to an increase in antisocial behavior.

The fast-food company said the new restaurant would give an opportunity to more than 65 people.

She added that her meals contain less sugar, salt and saturated fat than before, and display calorie information on menus.