The vegetarian-only restaurant of the McDonald’s

Burger McDonald’s flagship is geared towards local demand and opens a meatless restaurant in India.

It is the first attempt by McDonald’s to serve the pure-vegetarian food on its premises.

McDonald’s, the second-largest food center in the world after Subway, is increasingly adapting its offerings to local demand.

Most Hindus in India and Muslims can eat the same meatless dishes.

Hindu religious observers consider cows sacred and avoid meat, while Muslims consider pigs unclean and avoid pigs.

According to the AFP news agency, McDonald’s will open the departure center near the Golden Temple in the holy Sikh city of Amritsar in northern India in the middle of next year.

The religious authorities prohibit the consumption of meat in the sanctuary.

According to the spokesman in North India, it is a great opportunity to establish McDonald’s like the biggest pure vegetarian fast-food chain as there are many vegetarians in India.

The Journey

It is just the beginning of McDonald’s journey in India. Currently, there are more than 250 restaurants of McDonald’s in India, while they have more than 33,000 stores all over the world.

McDonald’s hope that they will be the best fast-food serving chain in India. They have started their journey as a pure veg restaurant in India. The delicious burgers of the McDonald’s are already ruling over the hearts of millions of people.

McDonald’s struggled to provide more salads and other healthy foods with less sugar, salt, and fat to address public nutrition concerns.

In India, the menu is usually 50% vegetarian.

The country’s main dish is the McAloo Tikki Burger burger, which uses a spicy garnish made from potatoes. This corresponds to 25% of total sales.

The company plans to open around 1,300 new stores worldwide this year.