The use of AI technology by the McDonald’s

If you thought we improved the order of fast food, think again. McDonald’s will drag us into the future, whether we like it or not.

The Hamburg Empire with Golden Bow announced on Tuesday its intention to take over Apprente, a startup specializing in language-based artificial intelligence technology. The McDonald’s press release states that faster, easier and more accurate order acceptance will be possible at kiosks. Most importantly, McDonald’s did not say how much it pays for the permits. The sheets created a total of $ 300 million in the store. Dynamic machine learning performance earlier this year in a new phase that, in theory, aims to make jobs more efficient through modern applications of technology services. Therefore, it is likely to be a great advantage for McDonald’s to buy them. As Wired explains, Amnesty International’s acceptance speech is expected to work best in a cacophonous environment found at McDonald’s around noon.

So it’s not hard to imagine that McDonald’s will finally give its internal kiosks a vocal style on the go. The press release even pointed to the possibility.

It may seem a bit silly if a fast-food chain continues to buy tech startups, but it’s in line with the business direction in recent years. With mobile ordering and kiosks, McDonald’s has done its best to optimize the experience. The company announced plans to add 1,000 kiosks to its stores quarterly in 2018.

However, it was not for all fisheries. McDonald’s more futuristic experience increased the number of restaurant employees and resulted in an increased workload for more complex daily tasks without increasing wages.

Let us hope that the use of this technology at McDonald’s will help it to improve its services and we will be able to enjoy our favorite burgers without any sort of troubles or inconveniences.