The story of mega millions in McDonald’s

A group of McDonald’s Mega Millions of players still believe that their Mirlande Wilson did it as Hamburglar and stole all the winnings. Now the group is processing their meat.

Fourteen Golden Arches employees in the Baltimore region are suing Wilson for a $ 218.6 million share of the lottery ticket, the Baltimore Sun reports.

The complaint depends on whether Wilson actually had the winning ticket and whether he would not share the prize with his Big Mac Slingmates as agreed. It made the headlines briefly in April when it claimed a winning ticket and then said it had been lost.


Three Maryland educators, who called themselves “the three friends,” came forward to receive the award. Lottery officials declared them legitimate winners, and Wilson’s actions were dismissed as a joke.

The Secret

But McDonald’s employees say Wilson received the winning ticket and held a fair to entice educators to pick up, Courthouse News notes. After giving her and her attorney smaller shares, she would have a much larger stake in it, according to the trial.

Maryland was recently a focus of suspected lottery fraud. The reports came in September from Ramón Ortiz of Hyattsville, an undocumented worker from Guatemala, who sued an employee for claiming his top prize in the million-dollar lottery. He says Rosa López has changed her ticket because she did not have a social security number and should give her the income.

The alleged error in the McDonald case appears to be more complicated. Dominique Gourdet, who is listed as the lead plaintiff in the file, says he was a living friend of Wilson at the time and that she confessed to everything – she had the winning ticket and showed photos of him on her cell phone. And he partnered with educators and his attorney to claim an uglier part of this publication. The total payment for this winning number was $ 656 million nationwide.